We provide office-based medication-assisted treatment program. It is possible to get on the path to recovery and there are many different treatment options.

Here are some of the types of treatment available:

  • Counseling which addresses the psychological and behavioral aspects of addiction
  • Twelve-step programs are based on a set of guiding principles that outline a course of action to work towards recovery from addiction
  • In-patient treatment programs are highly structured programs in hospitals and residential treatment centers that offer around-the-clock support
  • Opioid treatment programs might dispense methadone, a medication-assisted treatment to prevent withdrawal without the level of euphoria associated with other opioids
  • Office-based medication-assisted treatment is a treatment in which prescription medications are used, in combination with behavioral therapies, to provide a whole-patient approach to the treatment of substance use disorders. One type of medication-assisted treatment is SUBOXONE Film, with counseling and psychosocial support. Together with the guidance of a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant who is waivered to treat opioid dependence, SUBOXONE Film may help you—or someone you care about—manage opioid dependence. The treatment should be initiated under the supervision of doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants waivered under the Drug Addiction Treatment Act and Comprehensive addiction and Recovery Act of 2016